5 Ways To Increase Cash Flow In A Flat Market

Indeed landlords across the country have had a number of booming years to prosper. Rents have been rising for a long time and cash flow has been wonderful. As we approach a time where those rent increases are tapering off, investors tend to think of the future and look for ways to keep their cash […]

7 Tips For Investors To Manage Their Property Managers

Passive real estate investments are great, but it is really important for real estate investors to properly manage their property managers! Everyone knows that we here at EBG believe in looking forward and seeing all of the possibilities. To focus more on what benefits an investment may offer and how we can make them better. This […]

2017 Real Estate Investments Safeguards

The 10 million dollar question: What will real estate investing be like in 2017. This is a very common question in any new year, however it is like asking what will the weather be like in 2017. Everyone is trying hard to determine what stocks to buy and what stocks to sell in the new […]

Real Estate Investing Looks Forward To 2017

The EBG dashboard is clean and clear looking into 2017. The optimism looking forward continues to be strong. In fact a recent optimistic survey conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting shows 34% of respondents have an increase in optimism for the next 3 years versus a year ago. This survey also suggests that housing […]

7 Items Missing From Your Real Estate Investing Due Diligence Checklist

There is a saying when buying real estate “Caveat Emptor”. It is Latin and means “let the buyer beware”. As investors you always want to beware of all elements that will affect today’s costs and value as well as future costs and values. Sellers will always tell you  what they think you want to know, […]

3 Cash Flow And Equity Growth Investment Rules To Live By

It is common to want to look in your own backyard to find an investment property. That is where I started and where most people start. Even many investing books state that you should invest in your own backyard. Is it the best strategy however? If real estate is all about location, why would investing […]

5 Things Causing Excitement in Real Estate Investing

You can learn a lot by reading the headlines. A good headline can catch your attention and pretty much describe the story. The important part is to CLEARLY READ AND INTERPRET THE HEADLINE. I often get calls from investors who read articles such as “best places to buy a home” and want my opinion on […]

7 Bits of Real Estate Investing Advice I Would Tell My Younger Self

Have you ever heard of or perhaps spoken the words “If I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently?” I believe most of us have… I know I certainly have. I often wished I had the ability to do some things over with the wisdom I have acquired over the […]

Your 2017 Wealth Manifestation Guide

The difference between average people and wealthy people is “How they think” , when I first heard this quote it made great sense and has always inspired me when times are challenging. Wealthy people quite literally manifest wealth simply by the way they think. Because they have different thoughts they obviously take different actions. In […]

Prices Are Up and Rental Increases are Slowing So Why Continue to Invest in Real Estate?

In the Real Estate world, this is a great question and one that is surfacing more and more lately. There is no doubt that in certain locations the window of opportunity has closed and in other locations it is in the process of closing. The key word I trust you have already identified is (location) […]