Next To Cash Flow, the #1 Must Have When Investing in Buy and Hold Property

Like many true investors, you want to invest in and own cash flowing appreciating investment property for the long term. You want as much cash flow as you can get that is sustainable for a long period of time. You do your diligence, you analyze the numbers and of course the condition of the property […]

Real Estate Investing Rules To Live By

One reason I love buying fix and flip properties is it offers me multiple options for an exit strategy. I can keep it and cash flow it or, if the market is appropriate, I can flip for a quick profit to buy another. Many buy and hold investors like to buy some fix and flip […]

5 Examples of Wholesale Properties and Why They Exist

I admit that I always used to be suspicious about wholesale properties. I used to envision wholesalers were stealing properties from unfortunate old people who did not know better. What I learned was that while there may be an unfortunate incident in the mix, for the most part a wholesaler is performing a great service […]

Wholesaling Real Estate, Is It For You?

As times change and prices rise it is natural for people to look into other avenues to invest. The popularity of wholesaling has gained strength as these real estate market shifts occur which always begs the questions centered on  wholesaling. With so many of these questions taking center stage in my conversations I thought I […]

Finding Great Real Estate Investment Properties

With more and more people interested in entering the real estate investing arena, the number one question is, “Where do you find a good property worth investing in?” A great question indeed and one we get all the time which will  create a great opportunity for a great post. The question reminds me of a college […]

Which Investment is Best for You Flipping, Wholesaling or Holding?

Many people believe real estate investing to be some of the best investments available. I know I certainly do. Picking the best type of investment you will be pursuing may be one of the first things you do. It is certainly better than starting to invest and then getting distracted when you see or hear […]

5 Ways To Increase Cash Flow In A Flat Market

Indeed landlords across the country have had a number of booming years to prosper. Rents have been rising for a long time and cash flow has been wonderful. As we approach a time where those rent increases are tapering off, investors tend to think of the future and look for ways to keep their cash […]

7 Tips For Investors To Manage Their Property Managers

Passive real estate investments are great, but it is really important for real estate investors to properly manage their property managers! Everyone knows that we here at EBG believe in looking forward and seeing all of the possibilities. To focus more on what benefits an investment may offer and how we can make them better. This […]

2017 Real Estate Investments Safeguards

The 10 million dollar question: What will real estate investing be like in 2017. This is a very common question in any new year, however it is like asking what will the weather be like in 2017. Everyone is trying hard to determine what stocks to buy and what stocks to sell in the new […]

Real Estate Investing Looks Forward To 2017

The EBG dashboard is clean and clear looking into 2017. The optimism looking forward continues to be strong. In fact a recent optimistic survey conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting shows 34% of respondents have an increase in optimism for the next 3 years versus a year ago. This survey also suggests that housing […]