The 3 Key Skills to Successful Real Estate Wholesaling

I have the privilege of watching some of the most successful wholesalers in action and they are successful because they have one principle down to an art: Finding the seller’s pain and creating a solution. They understand that people who are open to selling their home in the wholesale market do so for one basic […]

16 Reasons Why Buy and Hold Real Estate is the Ideal Sustainable Investment

As the actor Will Rogers states… “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” I have always loved this quote and pretty much live by it as well. As you all know, there are many things to invest in and within real estate there are many ways to invest. It is the […]

Investors: Flipping Average Houses Versus High End Homes

Most speakers about real estate investing will talk about what worked for them. Should you look at flipping average home or high end homes? Depends on your comfort for risk! I was at an investors Meetup group the other night where they were discussing doing fix and flips. The speaker was talking about the high […]

On the Road to Profitable Fix and Flips… Consider These 12 Expense Items

I know many people who love to fix and flip properties. They have it down to a science and they have become very good at knowing what is the best rehab to do in what areas. They know to follow the process of what fixtures and appliances and floor coverings etc. to put into place […]

The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Flipping Property

If you are reading articles about flipping property chances are also very good you have watched the popular T.V. programs about fixing and flipping. There have been many so called reality shows (which are often far from reality!) While you may think you are watching a show designed to show you how to fix and […]

5 Creative Ways To Finance Your Real Estate Investment Properties

I trust you have heard the expression, “if you want to run a successful business, you first identify a need, fulfill that need and you have the makings for a successful business”. You probably have also heard lots of rumblings about investing in real estate because there is so much need for rental housing. The […]

7 Lessons Learned When Flipping With An Emotional Attachment

Anyone who has done a flip knows that this can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Flipping can reward you well as long as you stick to your original plans. It seems for every tenth flipper I encounter I hear stories with very negatives outcomes. Every single time these outcomes involve a flipper who did […]

My Favorite Fix And Flip Projects: The Value Play

There are so many types of properties and fix and flip real estate investing strategies that can be utilized to make big profits. The best one for you is the one that is the most exciting for you. Yes, you want to have some passion for this business and you want to do the types of […]

The Basics Of Wholesaling Houses

I compare wholesaling houses to golfing, it is simple but it is not easy. What could possibly go wrong? Golfing is simple; all you do is swing a club at a ball and direct the ball into the little hole in the ground, very simple right? Yes, the concept is simple but not necessarily easy […]

Next To Cash Flow, the #1 Must Have When Investing in Buy and Hold Property

Like many true investors, you want to invest in and own cash flowing appreciating investment property for the long term. You want as much cash flow as you can get that is sustainable for a long period of time. You do your diligence, you analyze the numbers and of course the condition of the property […]