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Chicago, IL has emerged as one of our picks for a good real estate investment area that features both cash flow and capital growth. Chicago, Illinois offers great investment property opportunities.

Welcome To Chicago: home of the #1 diversified economy within the U.S.

Chicago’s highlights

  • Maximizes cash flow with multi family rentals in upscale neighborhoods featuring 2 and 4 units with high quality tenants
  • Is one of the Top 5 most economically sound cities in the world
  • Currently returns an average cap rate of 10%
  • Offering 2-4 Unit Properties (Re-developed)
  • Residence consists of 55% Rentals (vs. 36% National Avg.)
  • Offers undervalued real estate with plenty of built in equity which allows you to make money going in (a true investment vehicle)

Investing in micro markets which are located within the path of progress and handpicked locations is paramount to great investing.

We have discovered a way to capture all these benefits of investing in one location. We have opened the access to these unlisted properties which offer great cash flow and capital growth potential.

Now you can invest in true turnkey (fully systemized passive investments) with these fully re developed properties, tenants in place (performing assets) and top quality property management (key to any great investment)

Explore these unlisted true turnkey properties which are not available to the general public: