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Cleveland Investment Property Income Properties

Cleveland is home to the number one pick by CNN for Best Rental Returns and number 4 pick by Forbes for cities where your paycheck will go the Furthest

Welcome to Cleveland Home of Affordable Real Estate where an average 3 bedroom homes sells for 48% less than the national average.

Cleveland highlights

  • You can still purchase properties in B class Neighborhoods far below their peak with price to rent ratios superior to most every other market and supersedes the 1% rule
  • Cleveland has a new medical Convention center providing Jobs, visitors and attractions to the city
  • Cleveland has the fastest growing healthcare economy within the United States and has spent over $19 Billion in the past 7 years on development
  • Cleveland has the countries 2nd largest Theater district. 2nd Only beat out by New York city
  • Huge investments into the RNC provide long term investment placing Cleveland as a smart and connected city
  • Ohio ranks as the best state for a business startup Forbes
  • Cleveland has great diversification for employment offering long term sustainability to jobs and income with 10 Fortune 500 Companies

Cleveland’s diversified employment Industry

  • Good Year
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Smuckers
  • First Energy
  • Lincoln Electric
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