Indianapolis, Welcome to Indianapolis: Home of the country’s #1 most stable real estate market

Indy's highlights:

  • Indy only experienced a 6.6 percent market decline during the past recession
  • Within the past year Indianapolis has increased rental rates an average of 11.1 percent
  • Single family homes fully rented and rehabbed
  • Larger cash flow margins with stable prices and rising rents
  • Job growth along with Population Growth, as well as Job Diversity creates a strong Indy economy

Rapid rising rents and stable real estate values helps to positions Indy as the most stable real Estate. While many markets declined by as much as 50 percent during this past recession Indy eased by with less than a 7percent decline in market position.

Enjoy sizeable cash flow returns from day one with highly sought after single family homes. Property management in place and solid tenants in place makes these fully renovated homes the perfect systematic investment.

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