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Real Estate Investment Portfolios Worth Owning

International buyers

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

--Warren Buffet





Welcome international investors! 

Our foreign friends have often looked to the U.S. as a great place to invest in real estate and for great reason; low prices, sustainable markets, memorable vacation properties, the ease of purchasing, and a leading country for equity growth.  The United States offers unique property rights for both domestic and international investors.

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vacation properties

Our foreign friends find many great locations in the U.S. to purchase their second home. With 50 states we indeed have many lifestyle locations suitable for you to enjoy our fine country. Hands down the large Majority come to the Sunshine state of Florida. When you are looking for clarity as to where you may want your second home we can assist with demographic knowledge that will ensure you get all that you are looking for.


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Rental properties

Only in the U.S.A can you create so many wealth building benefits from one simple investment:
I = Income / Monthly cash flow
D = Deductions / tax benefits such as deductions and appreciation
E = Equity / The debt reduced on the mortgage that is paid for by the tenant
A = Appreciation / Value growth from year to year (national average is 6% past 50 yrs
L = Leverage / the ability to have 100% of these listed benefits while borrowing 80% of the money used
to make the purchase

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