Mike Wolf's legendary tax deed tour

August 4th-7th, 2018

For the only time this year, tax deed and tax lien investment guru Mike Wolf will be hosting an exclusive tour for a small group of motivated investors!

* You’ll be spending 4 days with Mike in a small group of maximum 20 participants in Houston, TX.  

* He’ll be teaching you personally how to safely purchase properties at the tax deed auction AND foreclosure auctions

* You’ll have Classroom time, driving for dollars, and you will be attending live auctions with Mike!

* You’ll have unlimited access to Mike’s teams on the ground who can:
  * BID for you
  * FIX the homes
  * Help RENT or SELL the homes for you
so that even if you don’t live in Houston you’ll be able to participate from anywhere in the world!

* You’ll also get continuing mentorship and coaching from Mike personally for 1 year after the event!

* Breakfast and lunches are included!

* The investment is only $7,997 for one person, and you can bring a spouse or business partner for 50% off!

ready to supercharge your real estate investing?  

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