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WEBINAR: Turnkey Rental Properties in Kansas City, MO

Did you know Warren Buffett and other major investors are pouring billions of dollars into Kansas City right now... and that Buffett made a personal trip to KC this summer to announce his newest venture there? (Source: 435mag.com) Did you know Kansas City consistently maintains an unemployment rate below the national average? (Source: BLS.gov) Get a fresh market overview of Kansas City and learn how to buy high demand rental property in Kansas City directly in the path of growth, regardless of where you live on our private buying opportunity webinar.

Kansas City Properties:

  • Fully-Renovated Single Family Homes in majority-Owner-Occupied Areas

  • Tenants and Local Property Management in Place

  • Average Purchase Price: $130K

  • Average Cap Rate: 7%

  • Hand Selected Micro-Markets

Kansas City Market:

  • Multi-Billion Dollar Development Projects Around the City

  • Job Creation

  • Population Growth

  • Home Prices Increasing Fast

  • Increasing Rental Demand


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to Aug 15

Cash Flow Webinar - Indianapolis


Indy Turnkey

Are you aware that the unemployment rate in Indianapolis is one of the top 5 LOWEST rates in the country among large MSAs?

To learn more about the investor-advantages of owning rental property in the Indy market and to get access to a private buying opportunity for off-market turnkey rental properties, join us for a live webinar for Indianapolis cash-flow properties:

WEBINAR SIGNUP LINK: Single Family Rental Properties in Indianapolis, Indiana

Tuesday, August 14th at 6pm PT (9pm ET)

Indianapolis Properties:

  1. Fully-Renovated Single Family Homes in Majority-Owner-Occupied Areas
  2. Tenants and Local Property Management in Place
  3. 8% Average Cap Rate
  4. $85,000 Average Purchase Price
  5. Hand-Selected Micro Markets

Indianapolis Market:

  1. One of the most stateble real estate markets in the country that declined less than 7% during recession (FHFA.gov).
  2. Indianapolis has an unemployment rate below the national average (Source: BLS.gov).
  3. Job growth - Kroger's $465 million investment continued with 33 stores and 3,440 new jobs in 2017 (Sources: IndyStar.com).
  4. College town - universities create consistent rental demand.

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Tuesday, August 14th at 6pm PT (9pm ET)

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