6 reason investors buy net zero buildings

Imagine owning a home that can withstand hurricane force winds of 200 MPH. Imagine living in a home that has solar power barrel tile roofs that generate enough electricity to supply your electric needs. Then, imagine living in a home that is waterproof, that if it floods can simply be drained out and cleaned up. Imagine never paying for utilities again. And how happy tenants would be to live in these homes. Imagine the increase sustained ROI you can get from renting out a home like this.

As investors, you are always looking for ways to improve and sustain stronger ROI’s. Investors are finding this sustained ROI increases within net zero buildings. Up until recently these net zero buildings were mostly build within the commercial world. Investors of these net zero buildings were finding greater ROI than the typical buildings.

With all that Mother Nature has been throwing at us lately the needs are now being fulfilled and some builders are building single family net zero homes.

What is a net Zero Home

The homes themselves actually generate more electricity and resources than they use. Hence the name (Net Zero) they actually do not require utility companies to hook up public utilities to them.  Often these homes are referenced as being off the grid. These can be built anywhere as they do not require public utilities, making them very user friendly. They are extremely strong, green friendly, low carbon, and climate friendly built homes.

There are dozens of reasons a person would want to live in net zero home and why investors would be motivated to own one.

  1. No carbon emissions: The combined design and technologies that go into a net zero home allow it to produce net zero carbon emissions which are highly sought resulting in happier tenants

  2. Most durable constructions: Homes are designed, engineered and built much more durable resulting in less upkeep and last longer homes.

  3. Higher rents: With no utility expenses which tenants love and therefore are willing to pay more for rent.

  4. Build them anywhere. As they do not need to be built with utility hookups in mind they can be built anywhere. Think of Air BNB’s in the mountains, near rivers and popular secluded areas.

  5. Higher resale values:  durability and efficiency are factored in at time of resale generating higher resale value

  6. Higher ROI: Insurance companies love the low probability of paying out big bucks in insurance claims. resulting is lower insurance bills that generate higher ROI


As Americans rebuild after hurricanes, fire devastations, and flooding, it becomes apparent we want to build sustainable structures that can simply be cleaned up and continue serving the home owner without the pains, and expense of massive renovations or rebuilding. Finally it looks like we have the technology in place to build sustainable homes. Check out last week’s blog on more on net zero perks for investors.

Happy investing!

Larry Arth is a real estate broker in Florida. He researches emerging markets and real estate trends.

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