A Happy Real Estate Investing Thanksgiving To All!

Real estate investing is having a VERY Happy Thanksgiving this year! WOW, rarely is there a time when we can be as grateful for opportunity than we are today.

A Happy Real Estate Investing Thanksgiving To All!For our foreign friends who just hear about the turkey and stuffing part of Thanksgiving, there is a whole other part where we, as Americans, take time to reflect upon what we are truly thankful for. Sometimes it can be hard to realize that tough times are sometimes a blessing in disguise and that while the real estate market worldwide is not seeming to be in the best situation, for real estate investors, the time has never been better or the opportunities greater!

So what are some of the things that we in the real estate investing world are thankful for?

Generally when home prices in the U.S. fall (as they have been doing for at least 5 years now), there is an increase in interest rates. In this economy, that has not happened. While foreign investors DO generally have to have larger down payments, the cost to borrow money in the US has reached unheard of lows.

Inventory is high. As real estate investors, we know to buy when everyone else is selling, NOT when there is a false sense of urgency and sky high prices (that is real estate hoping, not real estate investing and it burned some less than seasoned investors in the last boom). We have discovered some FANTASTIC markets where we can get turnkey investment properties for our investors, in areas with strong rental numbers - a BIG thanks on that one!

Rental income is on the rise. With the number of people losing their homes to short sales or foreclosure, the rental market is heating up. Rentals are flying off the market and demand is high. This demand allows real estate investors to increase rents while increasing occupancy rates, a double good thing.

With all the great opportunities in real estate investing these days, is it really easy to wish everyone A Happy Real Estate Investing Thanksgiving To All!