Adding it up in Atlanta - Cheaper to buy than to rent means cash flow!

Atlanta tops the list of places where it is cheaper to buy than to rent. And that means Atlanta cash flow for real estate investors. Adding it up in Atlanta - Cheaper to buy than to rent means cash flow!I just love reading articles like "10 Best Cities for Home Buyers" from CNN Money. But what exactly does it all mean? If these cities are so cheap to buy in, then why are they not all on my website as Best Markets?

Let's break it down: The article is referencing the affordability of the housing market and comparing owning a property to the cost of renting a property. This is a great sign that as an investor you can make a nice profit. But a word of caution: It takes a lot more stars to align in order for a location to fit into a "best place to invest" list.

Here is what else you need to consider when you weigh the pros and cons of buying rather than renting in Atlanta. You want:

  • An area where the population is growing
  • The employment is growing
  • The job diversification is large and expanding
  • Homes are undervalued
  • Inventory levels of homes are decreasing
  • Taxes are low
  • Insurance rates are low
  • Pending home sales are rising

When a market can reach all or most of these bullet points on the list then they earn the spot as a best place to invest list. Atlanta has actually made about 25 top ten lists in the last few years and continues to make headlines, which is why it is known for a great place to get cash flow and anticipation of great growth or appreciation.

But back to my original point: This CNN Money article shows a very relevant fact as it relates to the affordability of Atlanta’s real estate market. What it is saying is a renter shells out about 50 percent more to rent a home than the cost of you (the investor) owning the home. As an investor this shows up in the form of great cash flow and validates the potential in the Atlanta market.

When you mesh all these factors with undervalued turnkey investments, you have a cash flowing investment that tops the list of markets within the U.S. for investing. Add it up: Investing in buying Atlanta real estate makes more sense (and cents) than renting and means Atlanta cash flow for real estate investors. Check out our Atlanta properties page if you would like to find out more about Atlanta Investment real estate.