Are you Ready to Invest in Real Estate?

If Real Estate Investing were easy everyone would do it. Wait does that mean it is hard? I always use the analogy of golf. It is simple; use a club to hit a ball into a hole, Simple but not necessarily easy. How many people do you know who play golf. If they can play why can’t you? Just like golf you can go hit the club and have fun with it, perhaps get good at it and learn to love it. You do not have to be a Tiger Woods  who turned it into a business now valued at over $800 Million dollars. Tiger practice it every day and it became his passion. With 90 percent of the millionaires in this country having made there wealth in real estate you can see that many people practiced the game of investing and many people are on their way to building valuable businesses out of investing just as Tiger did in golf


Expensive hobby 

Those of you who pay golf know that this can be an expensive form of entertainment.  Real Estate too can be an expensive if you use it as a hobby. I know hobbyist who like to buy a fixer upper as a project. They spend months renovating it and then either sell it or put a tenant in it and play landlord. There number one focus is buying a project house so they can exercise their creative juices in renovating it. They may have fun doing so but they rarely make money, they just but an expensive craft project.

Prosperous activity

For those of you who want to turn real estate investing into a passion it can indeed be a very prosperous venture. Tiger turned his activity into a huge revenue stream. He actually generates income with his golf winnings. This is the equivalent of cash flow, but you are also privileged with real estate investing to capitalize on four additional wealth building principles.  Real estate is the only investment vehicle that is capable of providing all 5 wealth building principle. This is why so many millionaires are generated from real estate investing 

Are you a dreamer or an achiever?

We have exited the industrial age. This was a time where we worked hard for a living and our employer took the lead on providing us with a retirement plan through the use of 401K’s,  profit share programs and IRA’s. We simply showed up for work each day and dreamt about the day we get to retire and live off your retirement plan.

We now are fortune to live in the information age. Information is at our finger tips 24/7 and the book of answers is just a mouse click away. While this new era is incredible time to live in we are no longer able to look to our employer to create a retirement for ourselves. 

As baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, many people who have been in retirement plans are finding them under funded or dried up altogether. This has put many retirees in a position where they now have to work through their retirement years.  

If you have recently entered the workforce, perhaps your most important achievement will be planning for a thriving retirement. If you want to enjoy life after your working years it is up to you to achieve this on your own. This falls solely on your hands. To retire and continue providing a steady stream of income is going to be your responsibility.

We are meant to thrive not merely survive

Many people are now looking to invest to get them thru their retirement years. With so many investment vehicles available today they are exploring their options. They are looking into investment types and investment options. With today’s volatility within the stock market they realize Tertiary wealth  is not sustainable. They prefer wealth of tangible assets like real estate to create that sustainability.

The realization as people age is they currently are just living pay day to pay day (they are surviving). They wander how they can continue to survive after their working years are over. For the achievers they want to do more than survive they want to thrive.

Prepare to thrive

The single most rewarding part of my career is watching people when the light bulb starts to shine. When the Ah’ha moments come that they can buy cash flow property that pays them today, tomorrow and through their retirement years.  This creates a vehicle for them to survive their retirement years. That they can actually do more than survive they can simply acquire more property and actually thrive.

Of course that only happens when you commit to learning and doing. There is no secret sauce there is no built in talents required, it is simply learning how to be prudent in your search for cash flow property, how to properly invest like it is a business and duplicate.

Simple strategy

You acquire assets (income producing property) this can pay for your living expenses. Once you acquire enough assets that cash flow enough to pay all your living expenses you have created your survival. Duplicate this over and over again and you are now thriving.  

Start small, the earlier in life the better, start with a small property which will generate less risk. The educational process is far superior than anything you can be taught.  The best way to learn is by doing. Get a mentor (you will want a sounding board) and invest. Hone your investing skills and duplicate.

I know personally I started investing at age 15. I bought a city lot then traded it for a duplex and then a four-plex. I literally started my investment career with No money and as a Minor. When I was 18 I was living rent free as my tenant paid the mortgage. I was hooked and I trust you will be as well. As you see this formula come to life you will no longer have to work to survive you have finely found financial independence.

The best way to get started.

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Happy investing.