Brexit...The Sky is Falling, Sell Everything?

Indeed the world has been shaken up with the (Brexit) news lately. It is easy to turn the channel and try to simply tune out the negativity the press likes to throw at us repeatedly throughout the day. When that news starts to affect the pocket book, however, everyone starts to take notice. The most recent announcement about the British electing to separate themselves from the European Union (Brexit) has definitely caught the attention of the world with huge uncertainty.

IS the sky really falling?

Perhaps for those who sit back and do nothing, there may be some very rocky roads ahead. For those who listen nonstop to the news looking for the media to give you their spin on things, may also create rocky roads. The doom of the Brexit announcement makes for good TV rankings and all the Wall Street gurus telling you the best thing to do is hold tight and not to sell anything.

Flashback..this sounds just like the advice they gave a decade ago just before we ran into the global recession. They of course are trying to prevent the panic and disaster of a world quickly selling everything overnight based on fears. This would signal a disaster of astronomical proportions.

A redistribution of wealth

The most well-known investor of all times, Warren Buffett has a famous quote that reads, “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”, that perhaps may say it best here. We are setting sail into uncharted waters with the news of late, but it is those who think for themselves and take action with purpose who will thrive in these uncertain times.

Investing in hard tangible assets for sustainability

Chasing the large returns is always appealing, but never is there any sustainability to those large returns. Whenever the markets become volatile people always tend to go for the tangible assets like gold and silver and of course, real estate. These investments have always thrived in the volatile markets and they tend to be much more sustainable, especially real estate as it is both an investment and offers a place for people to live.

The one certainty we will always have is a need for housing. The population continues to grow and the need for housing always grows with the population’s growth. This makes real estate a preferred investment for the purposeful investor looking for sustainable returns.

Don’t just sit back to see what happens. Get educated so you can make sound decisions as opposed to decisions made from emotion and fear.

(S.I.B.K.I.S) See it big, Keep it simple

See it Big: owning many investment properties that are providing housing for the American people who are in larger numbers than ever before preferring to rent. See yourself receiving a steady stream of positive cash flow month after month while your tenant pays for your asset. See your assets growing in value year after year.

Simple: get informed and educated on the best investment markets and best investment property

Simple: finance the lion’s share of the investment with historic low interest rates

Simple: provide much needed housing for the growing rental base

Simple: receive positive cash flow month after month.

Now more than ever it is time to get informed and take action. Find what is best for you and your family and protect your nest egg.

Happy investing !