The Best Way To Capitalize On Wholesale Real Estate Properties

One of the big questions we get is, "what is the best way to capitalize on wholesale real estate properties?" Do you know there are large wholesale companies which have systematized the process for maximum efficiency giving you best value; here is three ways they save you money.

  1. Wholesale companies buy dozens of properties each week, usually in bulk from banks. As a result Banks favor working with these companies as they have a proven track record of being able to perform quickly with cash. This enables them to buy in bulk and get even a better price.
  2. Then the wholesalers have their own rehab crews hired full time to rehab properties. As these crews work for the wholesalers there is no middle man to pay within the rehab process saving them even more money.
  3. These rehab crews can buy material in bulk and save on the cost of goods as well. As a result you as a home buyer or Investor can get the best deal on a property that has been professional rehabbed for usually 20 to 30% off of retail price.

Economies of wholesale property scale continues to provide benefits

wholesale real estateInvestors love this model because of the wholesaler’ s ability to turn this into a performing asset. Once the home is rehabbed the Property managers division of the wholesale companies go to work to lease the home to a tenant. Often times in the form of a lease to own. This provides immediate tenancy for the property usually before you take possession so you have income day one.

Wholesale properties in the best locations

This is as exciting as putting chocolate and peanut butter together to create one great taste. When you take the best location for real estate investing whether it be a cash flow market, a Growth market or the desired second home market. Then combine that location into a great Value play purchase you have got the recipe that will entice the appetite of investors all over the world.

Wholesale Real Estate - The hard part made easy All this sounds great but where do you find these wholesale companies: With such incredible products and pricing these wholesale companies typically do not advertise. They work with people like us who continue to send them referrals. We have spent years on this resource and as we provide such great information for our clients we actually have the wholesalers finding us. All you need to do is visit us regularly or subscribe to our blog post and we can get you connected!