Cash Flow Notes

Cash flow notes are incredible alternative for the seasoned distant investor. By distant investor, I mean those investors who are savvy enough to understand the best investments are not necessarily in your own back yard. You may be from another city, state or even Country. Cash Flow NotesMany investors find incredible turn key cash flowing properties in emerging markets such as those we promote daily. Cash Flowing Notes is a hybrid of these investments. In today's hard to finance world most investors are paying cash for the property as financing is difficult to impossible to get especially for investment property.

What Are Cash Flow Real Estate Notes?

So when paying cash you can do the alternative and essentially be the Bank (ie Buy the Note) with this strategy:

  • An investor buys a property at a large discount (usually from banks)
  • The investor rehabs the property in a quality rehab as only an investor who will hold the property and rehab it
  • The investor sells the note to you for what he has in it (Typically 20 to 50% less than appraised value)
  • You (the note buyer) receive monthly payments for the loan (your Cash Flow)
  • You (the note buyer) receives 50% of the equity from day one (your Equity)
  • You (the note buyer)receives 50% of the appreciation of the property (your Appreciation)
  • You (the note buyer) may be able to borrow funds for this purchase from IRA’s or Helocs (your Leverage)

In buying these cash flow notes, you have 4 of the wealth building principles. Income, Equity, Appreciation and Leverage. The only wealth building principle missing here is deductions or tax incentives. The trade off, however, is a investment secured by real estate with no management headaches, no rents to collect, no vacancies to worry about and very little risk.

These cash flowing notes come to us in limited quantities, so call to learn more and get on the list of interested parties as these move incredibly quickly and offered for a short time only before they are purchased by aggressive investors. 941-718-7761