Finding Real Estate Notes - Not As Easy As It Seems

Finding real estate notes to purchase is often not as easy as it may seem when you get into this type of real estate investing. There are a number of different types of note available for purchase. Real Estate Notes From Banks

You may find real estate notes from some large banks and or brokerages, these are typically sold in bulk packages and are offered at a large discount on the face value of the original note value. These types of real estate notes often have a fixed price and usually will give you addresses to the properties so you can do a little bit of quick diligence, but do not take long as they generally move quickly to the savvy investor who has experience in note purchases.

Finding Real Estate Notes - Not As Easy As It Seem

Online Treasury Real Estate Notes

Online Treasury notes can be purchased on line and require you to set up an account and then you bid on a package of notes. Great deals may be possible here. The benefits are that you may pick up several notes for a small amount of money. You will, however, be bidding against other note buyers, making it difficult to create any strategy for your investments. Also, be aware the person that you are trying to outbid may be an experienced investor who stopped bidding because he knows something you do not. (interesting)

Individual Real Estate Notes

We only offer up one type of note, and that is the individual note purchase with an established rate of return and 50/50 equity and appreciation position. This is probably the lowest risk real estate investment in existence. You can liquidate the note when you wish or preset a liquidation time upon purchase. These notes allow for real estate investing with no management headaches.

These notes allow you to collect revenue every month and offer an exit strategy that will reward you half of the equity gained from purchasing note at an undervalued IN ADDITION to any appreciation the property gains over the course of ownership. To add icing to the cake, we can help you acquire these notes in areas that are better positioned for growth.

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