Florida Draws a Worldwide Audience of Real Estate Investors

The state of Florida has taken the number 3 position within the U.S for population and for good reason. People from all over the world are investing here in Florida. Most come for the sunshine and they stay for the lifestyle. Ultimately many visitors from Florida Draws a Worldwide Audience of Real Estate Investorsaround the world decide they want to own a piece of this paradise. Florida is definitely known as a second home market and in fact our closest neighbors, (The Canadians) own around a half million second homes here in the sunshine state. In addition to having the most days with sunshine and a business friendly climate, Florida is also favored for not having any state income tax. Add to that the hundreds of miles of beaches, more shoreline than any other state in the country, more golf courses than any other state, and more attractions with amusements parks and you have a highly sought after location.

Pick your lifestyle! Various lifestyle locations that Florida has to offer

A. Florida’s Pan Handle

Known for its snow white sandy beaches the pan handle is the most laid back and rural area perhaps of all of Florida. The big city here of course is Panama City and people that come here are attracted to all sorts of water sports. From small water activities like canoeing and kayaking all the way up to deep sea fishing. This region attracts many second home buyers from China and Western Europe.

B. Sarasota and the Gulf Coast region

Sarasota attracts affluent professionals and celebrities looking for anonymity. A recent Sarasota magazine front cover read, “The millionaire next door”. Sarasota is home to many popular names from the Forbes list, as well as celebrities and retiring business executives. This region has a big draw for people from United Kingdom, China, Western Europe and Canada. Sarasota and the gulf coast region are known for its laid back atmosphere, plethora of parks and serene beauty of the aqua colored beaches. Along with a large influence in the arts, the Sarasota area was recently voted as the second most popular destination to move to.

C. Florida’s Southern Tip, Miami Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is known as the yachting capital of the world, which draws boating enthusiasts from virtually the entire globe. Nearby the Everglades entertain the nature enthusiast, and of course there is no shortage of nightlife here. The active person will feel right at home. Looking for further adventure? The highway A1A will take you on a 90 mile serene drive down to the world renowned Florida Keys. This region attracts a large draw of second home shoppers from U.K., Brazil, Venezuela, Canada and Western Europe.

D. N.E. Florida (Historic St Augustine and Jacksonville)

History enthusiasts and those seeking more of a rural feel will love this Florida region. Known as the first discovered city in the country, St. Augustine packs in the history and the culture. Lots of job growth happening here with its ever expanding Port of Entry for shipping.

E. Center State, Orlando and Ocala

Let’s face it, I think the whole world knows about Orlando area so it pretty much speaks for itself. It is home to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and hundreds of other attractions. The more rural Ocala is known for its huge equestrian influence. Golfing will be found around every corner. This region has perhaps the largest draw of second home and vacation home buyers from the U.K. China, and Brazil, Canada, Venezuela and Western Europe.

Florida Lifestyles

Indeed one could spend countless days writing and reading about the incredible attributes Florida has to offer. It is easy to see why so many want to invest in second homes and vacation homes here in Florida. It is about the lifestyle.

While this post gives just a brief synopsis of the state you can dig in deeper and look at the florida developments and lifestyle choice real estate locations that best represents what second home investors are interested in.

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