Florida Real Estate (The Highly Sought Location)

Florida real estate is a highly sought location by people looking for second homes, baby boomers looking to relocate and both foreign and domestic investors. Florida Real Estate (The Highly Sought Location)Florida (the Sunshine State) appeals to the masses and for many reasons....

For some of our foreign friends it is simply a safe haven for their assets. For others it is a place to use as a second home, while some are looking for the possibility of future growth and strong appreciation. Others feel they can buy now for some cash flow while prices are low and move here to live as they come into retirement.

Florida real estate is the common denominator for all these people and their different objectives which makes it a highly sought after location. As everyone knows, real estate is all about location, location, location and Florida represents a great location. This is repeated three times because location is like a bull’s eye. We know that Florida is a great location for many reasons...let’s break it down:

First of all the lifestyle.

  • A recent Florida Trend article stated that Florida is a haven for the affluent and baby boomers.
  • Florida is the warmest state in the USA so it is appealing to baby boomers.
  • Florida is highly sought after as a vacation, golfing and theme park destination.
  • Florida is highly sought after as a beach destination (with over 1,200 miles of beaches).
  • Florida averages roughly 70 percent of the calendar days with sunshine (Hence the name the sunshine state. Sunshine makes people happy and Florida is a happy state.)
  • Golfing. There are roughly 1,250 golf courses throughout the state.

So Florida is definitely a great location, but where in Florida is right for you?

This will be a different answer for different people based on what you want. The above mentioned items are found all over the state. Many like to then look at the future growth and economic outlook of the area to help make those decisions. My diligence tells me that the best places for investing statistics is the Manatee, Sarasota counties area You will have to decide for yourself and I have done a great deal of diligence on this. I look for things like:

Your second indicator of a great location (and to zero in closer) is to see what the counties have going on. Things like:

  • Capitalizing on infrastructure, as well as service assets
  • Create an infrastructure which maximizes the number of residents it serves
  • Creates top rated schools
  • Creates recreation and activities to deliver a sense of community
  • Creates an infrastructure which supports redevelopment and growth
  • Creates new development with a nice balance of customers – fees-taxes compared to the cost of the services
  • Creates best practices for growth which will better reflect the future trends with quality of life for its residents
  • Counties that assist with delivering economic development both residential and commercial, the objective is to have 2 jobs for every roof top

Your third indicator of a great location for you is personal in nature.

Once you find the state, then the county or city, next you want to focus on the corner of city, township or suburb that is right for you. Over the course of the next several weeks I will be spotlighting a number of these areas for you to gain better perspective as to where may be the best area for you.

Florida real estate is a highly sought location that has several different areas of the state to look to for your needs.

Let us know if there is anything in particular you want to see, we always welcome input from our students and readers so we can give you even more specifics about Florida real estate investing! +1 941-718-7761