Florida Second Home and Vacation Investment Property

Often Florida is looked to for second home and vacation investment property. Many of our foreign friends from around the world have discovered what our Canadian friends have known for some time. Florida is a big draw! With its beaches and golfing, Disney World, many tourist activities and let us not forget the sunshine. Florida Investment Property Second Home VacationPrices have adjusted over the past 5 years and Florida has rapidly become a foreign investment first choice. In fact last year 32% of Florida properties sold to a Foreign Friend and in 2010 60% of South Florida was bought as investment property to our Friends from overseas.

Second home purchases are of big interest to the Baby Boomers. As these people are preparing to relocate to the sunshine and the beaches and golf courses, Florida is perfectly positioned to help those dreams become a reality. Many investors are now buying properties in Florida and renting them out. Yes you can even find Florida Cash Flow Real Estate in today’s market. The objective of course is to take advantage of today’s buying power in one of the most highly sought after states in the Country, Having someone pay the mortgage while they finish off their careers and prepare to retire here is a great added benefit. With Cash Flow opportunities appearing, it is icing on the cake.

Most people (present company included) feel that as the economy eventually rebounds, Floridas appreciation and growth will rebound as well. All these factors puts Florida at the top of the list for the second home, vacation home or Baby Boomers looking to invest.