Foreign Real Estate Investors Buying US Property - Destination Florida

Our foreign friends are extremely interested in buying property is the US.A.. In fact the interest level continues to grow. There are a number of reasons buyers are finding U.S. investments so appealing. Foreign Real Estate Investors Buying US Property - Destination FloridaSafety with our stable government, economic security, favorable prices, and just a general liking of the U.S. As the U.S continues to expand into recovery mode more and more buyers are seeing U.S investments as an opportunistic time to buy. Over the past few years we were seeing investors looking to capitalize on cash flowing investment property. Now we are seeing the lifestyle investor looking to capitalize on the equity growth that the U.S properties afford them.

Our foreign friends are coming from many places to invest in U.S, soil. Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, France, Italy, China, Switzerland and Brazil are among the top buyers in U.S real estate.

The United States has 50 different states to choose from. When it comes to foreign buyers purchases in the states the destination of choice is Florida. Florida (known as the sunshine state) has the best year round weather, attractions, golfing and of course thousands of miles of beaches. Like fellow Americans, foreign real estate investors take a special liking to what Florida offers.

Most buyers in Florida are looking to stake their claim now while the market is favorable. Prices are still low, financing is available for second homes however the majority of buyers are paying cash for their purchases. The average foreign real estate investor is spending about $268 thousand dollars on a property.

Another great advantage that attracts people to Florida is our tax base. Florida has many tax advantages over other states. While foreign investors must utilize some sort of U.S entity to capitalize on Florida’s taxation benefits, Florida also manages to draw interest from the other 49 states as well.

Florida tax benefits cited:

• No. 1 for individual income tax (Tax Foundation's 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index)

• No. 1 tax climate in the southeast for business (Tax Foundation)

• No. 1 for individual capital gains tax rates (No tax) (Small Business & Entrepreneurship


• No. 1 for individual dividends and interest tax rates (No tax) (Small Business &

Entrepreneurship Council)

• No. 2 best state for business (Chief Executive)

• No. 2 best business climate (Business Facilities)

• No. 5 best business tax climate (Tax Foundation and Business Facilities)

• No. 6 (up from No. 10 in 2013) unemployment insurance tax rank

Florida organically instills a majestic attraction. With investment opportunities and tax benefits added to the mix Florida definitely wins the destination of choice for buyers and investors worldwide.