Formula for the Manifestation of Wealth: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results

What separates the Donald Trumps, Warren Buffets, and successful seasoned investors from those who never seem to uncover the wealth they seek? The answer is very simple. “It’s how they think.” This answer can be found by digging deep and looking at your thoughts. Formula for the Manifestation of Wealth: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > ResultsWhat are your thoughts about investing? Are you getting educated and keeping up with the rapid changes within the real estate industry? Successful investors are always getting informed. It has been said that the 3 most dangerous words in the English language are “I know that”. The most successful people continue to ask questions and learn everyday.

Thoughts translate to feelings

O.K. hang with me guys, I know the men reading this are limey to turn away at the topic of feelings. Seriously what you think translates into your feelings. Successful investors continue to get educated so they can remove as much fear about the investments as possible. This knowledge makes them feel very confident and this confident feeling turns into their actions.

Feelings translate to actions

Donald Trump and Warren Buffet make million dollar decisions every day and do so with ease because they are conditioned to think positively and because they are informed and feel good about decisions they make. By the way, million dollar or even billion dollar decisions are no different than hundred dollar or thousand dollar decisions. They are all just numbers. The only difference is the number of zeros behind the numbers. Their thoughts about these numbers and the feelings about these numbers are no different to them regardless of how many zeros there are. They have discovered that investing in larger numbers (more high priced investments) simply allows them to grow their portfolios faster.

Actions translate to results

You know it is said that, "All issues create fear and fear kills deals". If this is true, then how do some succeed while others struggle. That answer, my friend, is buried in the above quote. When your thoughts create the feeling of fear, you allow the fear to control the actions. This action causes many to abort their plans which gives them the result of no action equals no results. Successful investors stomp out fear from their thought processes by getting and staying informed. Also by having professional support teams in place to keep them up to speed, informed and on the right path. They ultimately get great results from taking action and they can take great action because they maintain great feelings and they maintain great feelings because of the thoughts they have around the investment and the outcome which is supported by their knowledge and backed up by their support team.

So pick your thoughts carefully and invest to win.

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