FREE WEBINAR! - Peace of Mind Cash Flow Investments

FREE WEBINAR! - Peace of Mind Cash Flow Investments. This live event will be particularly compelling to investors that own cash flow properties. Free Webinar Cash Flow Real Estate InvestingMay 3rd from Noon-12:30 EST

Sign up for free! ... Learn how to capitalize on income-producing real estate without the hassles associated with managing tenanted properties (or managing property managers). Investors can easily achieve 15% returns on their cash (interest and equity) without the time and stress typically accompanying cash flow investments.

Join us at this informal event as Jay Hinrichs, the founder of True Wholesale Houses, answers frequently asked questions...

- Why notes are a great compliment to my real estate portfolio - How do I achieve instant equity in real estate with a note? - What types of returns can I expect as the investor? - Liquidity: what is my exit strategy? - What are my "worst-case scenarios"? How have these been addressed? - Real note examples? Property details? - What is the purchase process?

All attendees will receive complimentary access to True Wholesale Houses' Priority List to receive "first look" at all new notes, ranging from $20k to $50k.

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