Get Cash Flow and Growth by watching TV or Reading The Paper

Here at the Equity Builders Group, we know how to get cash flow and growth just by watching TV or reading the newspaper! I read somewhere that opportunity passes by us 72 times a day, it is just that most of us do not recognize it. Get cash flow and growth from watching tv and reading the paperGetting Real Estate Investment Ideas From The Media

Headlines say things like, "President approves 21 million to start a new high speed Rail between Tampa and Orlando." Another reads, "New International Airport to be completed by 2012." These are interesting nuggets of news to many. To the savvy real estate investor it is a clue that jobs are a coming and where there are new jobs, there are new opportunities needed to take care of these new employees. These new employees need to get gas so we need gas stations and attendants and they need to eat lunch so we need new restaurants and new waitresses. It is said that for each brand new position generated we produce two new service positions.

Oh and do not forget the new people passing through town. When you create new high speed rail you transport people around that need services and the airport traffic speaks for itself.

Real estate investors learn to identify opportunities when they read the news and then they capitalize on the opportunities. These headlines read to me β€œHey you, opportunity is lurking around the corner. Get educated and learn how you may be able to position yourself to take advantage of the impact real estate will have is this unfolds.”

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