US Growth Real Estate Investment Markets

US Growth Real Estate Investment Markets attract real estate investors seeking a mix of cash flow and growth target properties in areas that are sought after by the end user. Growth Markets Growth real estate markets are found in working class to upper working class neighborhoods that have a medium to low tenant mix. These areas are typically sold to the end user seeking to live in the property and therefore open themselves to a larger home buying audience.

Seasoned investors know that the larger the buying audience is the better price they can demand on a resale. The price of these properties will be established by comparables in the area and the growth over their original acquisition price will be much stronger.

There are some indicators that we use to determine that a real estate market is positioned as a growth real estate market including:

  • Increase in jobs
  • Population growth
  • Governments which are aggressively pursuing new businesses

All this sounds great, but HOW does one know which is cash flow investments and which is US growth market real estate investments? Fortunately that is what we do and we do it well! Give us a call today and we can give you the clarity you need in obtaining an investment that is right for you. 941-718-7761