Making informed decisions!

Making informed decisions Everyday we see articles like the ones below. These are incredible insights as to where we should be investing in today’s changing real estate markets. But wait. These articles as great as they are fall short of the full analyses that should be done when investing in real estate. They usually utilize just one or maybe two of about 10 analytics that should be checked before investing. 15 underpriced college towns 10 Housing Markets Likely to Rebound Soon Create your dashboard report and spend less time looking in the rear view mirror. Does the market have? job growth are average incomes on the rise what is the income to housing expense ratio (is it undervalued) what is the building permit activity in the market (should be low) what is the supply of inventory (should be high but on the decrease) what is the pending home sale activity (should be growing) is the area an experiencing an increase of rehab properties is the median home prices rising are rental rates rising are inventory levels falling We all know the expression "you make your money going in" When you do your diligence going in you are on your way to making money.