How to Beat the Hedge Funds and Wall Street Investors | The Solution

The solution to how to beat the hedge funds and Wall Street investors is simple when you follow the information contained in this article. How to Beat the Hedge Funds and Wall Street Investors | The SolutionWhen you are a true investor, you understand that there is room for everybody to play. You all want to play in the same playground so you just need to know how to do so without the competition getting the best of you. The best way I have found to compete with the masses is simple. Simple, but it isn’t easy. Sort of like golf. Golf is simple... all you have to do is hit the ball with the golf club and send it into the little whole. (Simple but not necessarily easy).

So how do you beat the competition?

The competition being the Wal-Mart’s of real estate investors and all the institutional money such as hedge funds and Wall Street investors. Simple, you have to get there first. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. When you get to the investments before the thundering herd comes running in you have free reign to cherry pick and grab the good deals. When you get in before the masses you can get the best prices and the best tenants. Then, when the masses come in with their simpler, strictly yield driven objectives they will drive the price up for you.

Everybody wins

By doing this you have accomplished your objective of gaining a good property with a good price in comparison to the market value. You are able to capture all five of the wealth building principles. Then when the masses come in and start competing for inventory, they will drive up the prices. As the demand rises so will the prices. Simple supply and demand.

Money follows opportunity

I know you are thinking this sounds simple; but how do you beat the institutional money? O.K. this is the not easy part. Actually it is not that hard if indeed you are purposeful and understand that money follows opportunity. So you simply need to find those emerging markets (the opportunity) before they do. Here is a hint... tou are a purposeful real estate investor. Institutional money such as hedge funds and Wall Street investors do not study and analyze real estate the way you, the real estate investor, does. They tend to follow the thundering herd. As they see everyone else chasing a market they too look into the market.

Simply stated be the leader and not the follower

Here are two gifts for you to make it simple; we want to help you beat the thundering herd so you can do one of the two methods below to stay ahead of the thundering herd.

Do your diligence and know what markets are doing before everyone else does. I will even give you the tools to do it. I spent years uncovering sources to help achieve this knowledge. And here I will share these TOP REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TOOLS.

The second gift is even easier yet. You can do all this yourself but it does take a great deal of time. We do this diligence day in and day out. By reading our blog posts and following our information posted on our website you can shortcut this diligence as we post it all on our site. If you want a sample of what this looks like just check out our latest emerging market and you will see all this diligence in play. Want great info emailed to you weekly? Sign up for our Investor's Dashboard Report.

The solution is clear: be the leader and do your due diligence, use the tools on our website and you can beat the hedge funds and Wall Street investors.