Often Florida is looked to for second home and vacation investment property. Many of our foreign friends from around the world have discovered what our Canadian friends have known for some time. Florida is a big draw! with its sandy beaches, golfing, Disney World, many tourist activities and let us not forget the sunshine. 

Do you know that in 2010 60% of South Florida homes were bought as second homes and investment properties from our Friends from overseas. This momentum continues today.

Florida is your future Home!

Second home purchases are of big interest to the Baby Boomers as well. As these Boomers are preparing to relocate to the sunshine state, the beaches and golf courses, Florida is perfectly positioned to help those dreams become a reality. Many investors are now buying properties in Florida and renting them out. The objective of course is to take advantage of the most highly sought-after states in the Country, having someone pay the mortgage while they finish off their careers and prepare to retire here is a great added benefit.

Florida’s No tax state (with tax incentives) is another huge draw.

If the sunshine, warm weather, Beaches, golfing, amusement parks and incredible culinary doesn’t entice your emotional side then look at these tax benefits and let you logic side take over. 

·      Florida is one of the 7 states that enjoys no state income tax. (Did you know that this is actual law written into Florida state constitution)

·      Florid has no state death tax or no state -level estate tax

·      Residences in high tax states finds Florida as a safe haven to escape the tightening tax deductions allowable from the 2017 Tax reform.

·      Florida has a “Save Our Homes Act” Protecting your homes first $50,000 in value from any taxation.

·      Florida has some of the best business tax incentives which has been a great welcome for many small businesses to relocate their businesses to Florida.


Current trends show that thousands of people make the move to the sunny state of Florida each day. People moving to Florida are of every age and income so don't let the stereotype of retirees only purchasing a second home in Florida stop you.

In fact, where I live in Beautiful Sarasota we have Lakewood Ranch which has such great appeal It has been the countries number one location for most building permits. Lakewood ranch is the number one multi-generational development in the country.

Buying a second home in Florida is affordable. There are homes in every price range. It should not be too difficult to find a second home in your price range.

Florida second homes or vacation homes: Consider it an investment in your future happiness.

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