In A Crisis, Capital Seeks Security - The US Real Estate Market is the Perfect Storm

Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain are having their financial challenges. Italy, which is currently the world's eighth financial market, is following behind Greece in respect to financial position. During political unrest, money moves to security of real estate while geo political and social dynamics are shifting. In A Crisis Capital Seeks Security - The US Real Estate Market is the Perfect StormThe US is one of three countries projected to grow its GDP in 2012. Innovation in the US is the envy of the world and yet, with all the political posturing within the world at the moment, one fact remains. People need a home to live in. An estimated 1 in 7 families are living together to cut costs. This is creating a pent up demand for housing.

The US population is growing with 1 new person added to the population every 10 seconds. Housing demand is building. Housing prices have fallen to prices as far back as what we saw 12 years ago. Most real estate markets are considered undervalued and so the set of events are unfolding that history books will call the Perfect Storm. It is obvious that housing prices can and will go up. This creates a secure investment vehicle. It is obvious the financial markets are in unrest and will remain in unrest until the political posturing and propaganda iron themselves out.

So, when in a crisis Capital seeks Security. The question is, will you claim your security in the US real estate market during the perfect storm?

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