Good Reasons To Invest In Cleveland Ohio Real Estate

There are a number of great reasons to invest in Cleveland Ohio Real Estate. Cleveland is an interesting city which many may consider an old Union town that is a “has been” as far as metropolis centers go for real estate investing. We here at the Equity Builders Group look at it much differently!

Good Reasons To Invest In Cleveland Ohio Real EstateFor the purposeful real estate investor using a dashboard report they will find a much different picture. Things like:

  • Cleveland is a Health Care Hub with over 60 Hospitals and a big Biomedical Industry
  • The Biomedical industry is a large exporter of goods adding further financial gain to the community.
  • Cleveland is now home to over 600 biomedical facilities with more being added each year.
  • Northeast Ohio economy has consistently grown and outpaced the national average for job growth.
  • They have assembled a team to Chambers of Commerce and affiliates to help obtain this growth, a team known as Team NEO
  • Ohio Tax reform has attracted businesses and produced a low cost of living environment.
  • Since 2007, the organization has attracted more than 20 new companies, 2,200 new jobs and more than $70M in annual payroll
  • Corporate friendly tax structure
  • Low cost of living
  • Northeast Ohio is home to 300 foreign-owned businesses,
  • The region is a hub for food processing, where major brands such as Smucker’s, Nestlé, and Pierre Foods
  • 5 interstate highways
  • 6 deep water ports, 3 class 1 railroads, 2 international airports creates low cost logistics
  • 29 colleges and universities
  • 2 million talented workers create a smart productive multi cultural workforce.
  • Cleveland low acquisition costs are able to provide returns as high as 15 and 20% cap rates. Cleveland is a great investment location for those seeking strong cash flow.

All of these reasons (and more) put Cleveland Ohio real estate on our top markets for investors!