Investment Opportunities In Florida

On the subject of investment opportunities in Florida, I always say you should live where you wish and invest where it is best. I LOVE living in the sunshine state. Moving here from the Cold Minnesota winters in 2003 was great. When it came time to find cash flowing properties I was challenged. Florida Investment Property Cash FlowTruth be told I was finding much better investments and cash flow in other areas such as Memphis, Dallas, Parts of Alabama, etc, etc. Yet many foreign investors continue to find Florida and California and Arizona great place to invest. So I set out to find their reasoning.

With Real Estate being on sale here in the U.S buying property here in Florida makes great sense to many of our foreign friends. Most of our Foreigners are looking for a:

  • Safe haven for their money
  • A place to use as a second home
  • A high demand area with golfing and beaches
  • A tourist destination with many attractions
  • The possibility for future growth and appreciation is strong
  • They can buy now for some cash flow while prices are low and move here to live as they come into retirement

With today’s low prices Florida Cash flow is becoming more prevalent.

Florida has often been a highly sought after location for our Canadian neighbors and with today’s fabulous pricing opportunities our Foreign Friends are coming in from everywhere.

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