Live where you wish but invest where it is best

Wow it pays to read the headlines:

Take note to these 3 different top 10 lists

  • Most affordable places to live Well
  • Best places for business and career
  • Most affordable homes

 Forbes most afordable places to live Well

Money- 10 best places for business and careers

CNN Money affordable Homes top 25


Note that none of them talk about best places to invest or best cash flow markets.

These are different cities all together.

It is worth mentioning that no one city made all 3 lists.

Only 1 state made all three lists and that state is Texas. In fact the 3 different cities that made the list in Texas is San Antonio, Dallas and Houston all located within a triangle toward the center of the state. In fact Texas makes a lot of news  for the past couple of years Texas has made the headlines for Real Estate investing.


To learn where and how to invest in these markets contact us for the details.


Happy Investing