Local Markets Are Heating Up With Real Estate Investors

Make Sense of the Real Estate Markets (Local markets heat up with investors) How do you make sense of the real estate markets and real estate investment strategies? Know that local markets are heating up with real estate investors! Did you know that 59 percent of today’s real estate investors are new to the investing arena?

If this is you, you may find this survey from Move.com interesting!

What Real Estate Investors Look Like Today

  • 59 percent of today’s real estate investors are new to the investing arena
  • 22 % of investors are bullish; they expect prices will rise in the next 6 to 12 months
  • 53.5 % expect prices to remain relatively the same
  • 23% expect prices to fall in the next six to 12 months

One very common thread among today’s real estate investment landscape is that most investors will use the buy and hold strategy. This of course makes perfect sense as today’s prices and high demand for rent makes great cash flow. On the other hand, tomorrow's prices make for great growth.

A note to the new Real Estate investors: Many so called investors wiped out their bank accounts over bad investing decisions. Many people invested because their barber or waitress said they should be investing in XYZ right now. While I love my barber and my local restaurant's waitstaff, they are NOT ones I want to get my real estate investment advice from.

What I mean here is, we are living in the best real estate investing market of our entire lifetime. Now is the time where fortunes can be created! In order to grasp a piece of the redistribution of wealth it is imperative to be purposeful. Remember what you all grew up learning: Real estate is about Location, Location, Location.

No, this is not just a tag line or a marketing ploy. It is the 3 most important aspects of real estate investing and the foundation of the seasoned real estate investor’s success.

To capitalize on the best real estate investing opportunities, you want to invest in the best locations:

  • The best market to be investing in
  • The best location within those markets
  • The best location within the neighborhood you invest

Yes, it is like zooming in as a bull’s eye.

I will break it down further in other blog posts under the Make Sense of the Real Estate Markets series. Stay tuned! Or sign up for our real estate investors dashboard for the most timely, forward thinking real estate investment strategies.