Positioning Yourself for a Big Win in the Real Estate Investment Game for 2014

Positioning yourself to Win the Investment Game in 2014 as with any investment vehicle, the goal is a moving target. To win the Positioning Yourself for a Big Win in the Real Estate Investment Game for 2014real estate investing game, you have to stay educated and informed on the latest information. Things like market conditions and market positions.

Great investments do not just happen they are created:

2013 has definitely brought many changes to the real estate investment industry. The biggest change was the growing competition with all the institutional investors. This is something investors have not seen before and I personally feel is not going to be much competition in 2014. They are strictly yield driven and that strategy will not be as affective in 2014. Mass buying will make way to the purposeful and diligent investor acting like a hound dog and sniffing out the best investments in the best locations.

2013 also brought some great capital growth:

Investors in 2013 realized some double digit equity growth in their newly acquired investments. Additionally it was a great year for cash flow. This equates to an incredible year for the investor.

With a great investment year in 2013 can we expect to have another great 2014? The short answer is absolutely, there are always great locations to purchase real estate however the strategies always change. The EBG dashboard report will keep you informed of these changes so you simply have to take heed to the changes.

Your 2014 investment success will start by Finding a Real Estate Investing Focus. The first thing to do is take the emotion out of your decisions. (People buy the home they live in with emotion), but you MUST purchase your investment properties with LOGIC.

So you will want to sit down and make some notes / essentially plan out your year:

• Why do you want to invest?

• Is your primary focus cash flow or perhaps capital growth?

• How will you acquire your investment - cash or finance?

• How long do you plan to hold the property?

• What are you most planning to get from your investments?

• How do you wish to take ownership of the property (Trust, LLC, etc?)

• Which markets interest you the most and why?

• How much do you currently have allocated to invest?

• What is your source of funds?

• What type of returns are you realistically expecting to receive?

• What would you like to accomplish in the next 5 years with your real estate investments?

• What are your exit strategies?

• Any additional items of importance to you.

So now ask your self these questions to ready yourself for your real estate investments in 2014. Use the EBG dashboard report and make informed decisions about investments and you will have a great year of real estate investing in 2014.