Real Estate Investing in College towns (valuable info for you)

People have been doing real estate investing in college towns for as long as investors have been sending their children off to college. Recently tax laws have changed, making it very lucrative for parents to give the gift of real estate to their children. As of January 2011 you can give up to $5 million dollars in the form of a real estate gift to your children without paying any taxes Investing in College towns (valuable info for you)Read the bill here: Reduce Estate Tax by Making Gifts

So, a great graduation gift for your upcoming grad may be an income producing investment - the gift that keeps giving, which is a double win for both you and your grad. You get to make a gift that keeps giving, PLUS you get to avoid the taxation of the gift and your grad, well they get many things:

  • Income: The gift that keeps giving cash flow month after month
  • Deductions: They get tax breaks as enjoyed by investment property owners
  • Experience: No better way to gain experience that to run a business of your own
  • Appreciation: increases each year in property value
  • Lessons: lessons are endless in running your own business

This adds up to an ideal graduation gift! Most importantly it provides housing for your child while they off to school. When considering colleges, you may want to consider schools that are located in cities that are also representing good investment choices. Read this article to learn about the best 100 schools. Should one of these schools that your grad chooses also be in a great investment area you may want to consider the big picture, the gift of a home an investment, a small business, a tax deduction to you. Start them off with a small entrepreneurial business such as a cash flowing house or apartment building!

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