Real Estate Investment Locations of Choice

Real estate investment in locations of choice is sometimes puzzling to hard core real estate investors.With great cash flow AND Growth markets all over the country, why are there so many Investors buying property in areas that do not fit the mold of great Cash Flow or Growth Markets. Choice Locations Real Estate InvestingThe answer to that question is simple, Cash Flow and Growth is not their PRIMARY area of focus. Here are some reasons to invest in location:

  • Some invest because they want to send their children off to Universities and have homes for them to live in
  • Others invest to capitalize on prices while the market is a strong Buyers Market in anticipation of relocating after they retire to locations like Florida beach front communities, golf course communities , the South for year around sunshine, and tourist attractions
  • Overseas buyers may be looking for a Safe Haven for their money because of their country's laws and taxation policies
  • Other overseas real estate buyers are looking for a tool to gain access to an E-2 and E-5 Visa (Real Estate investments are great for this, but they must not be a passive investment)

Consider your real estate investment Locations of Choice and keep in mind that it also has to have the element of LOCATION. There are waterfront and beach Communities that are stronger markets than others. There are Golf course communities and vacation resorts that are better positioned for Cash Flow and Growth than others that will prove to be better investments.

You make your money going in so Remember the Value Play. When investing in premium locations for desirability of the surroundings such as beach front, tourist areas, etc., you still have the ability for the Value Play. Buying it right from the start increases its value before you sell and your Locations of choice can be a better investments with proper diligence.

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