Real Estate Investors Who Position Themselves In Single Family Homes Will Win Big

The Recent and pending Foreclose crisis has created a rental demand for single family homes. Never before has demand been so high for QUALITY homes in QUALITY neighbor hoods. This really is a time when real estate investors who position themselves in single family homes will win BIG! Investors who position themselves in Single Family Homes will win bigThe recent employment and overall economic crisis has forced many good hard working Americans into the unemployment lines. Many of these Americans wound up taking jobs with a smaller pay check. There are also a large number of people who were able to maintain their current job but wound up taking a pay cut. Additionally, there is a large number of people who fall into the category of under employed. These people are typically commission based sale people who have taken large pay cuts due to lower consumer spending. While scrambling to replace their current income, many Americans found themselves losing much of their retirement investments. A recent CNN article states that Americans lost roughly 40% of their net worth and 18 years worth of savings and retirement investments.

These trends have created a unprecedented opportunity for real estate investors to invest in single family homes. The demand for single family rental homes has never been so high. These 3 million Americans who have lost their homes have one priority. This priority is to get their families back into single family homes as soon as possible. These people come from living in nice neighborhoods, in a single family home and their first priority is to return. They are still hard working Americans who are perfectly able to make rest payments; they have good credit history and find renting a home a great option as they go through this transition phase within their lives.

The new tenant today looks much different (says the U.S. Census Bureau). Today, the Average American family looking to rent consist of two children, a dog, and a fish bowl.

The opportunity to provide rental housing to these typical American families are why we are seeing tens of billions of private investing funds being poured into the single family home investments.

Investors from all over the world are seeing this opportunity. Our foreign friends are enjoying even a deeper benefit. Many countries’ currencies (with the exchange rate) gives them even more leverage to benefit on the incredible opportunities in single family investing.

Icing on the cake.

All the above illustrations (in and of themselves) are very compelling reasons to invest in single family homes. In addition to these reasons we also have these compelling reasons to invest in single family homes:

  • Today’s prices are at an unprecedented low pricing
  • Turnkey properties are available for below (todays) retail pricing, allowing you equity day one
  • Huge rental demand means higher rental prices, meaning better overall returns
  • Exit strategies are often built right in (the tenants living in the property)

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