Security to Investment was Key at the World Real Estate Investing Summit

Security to Investment was Key at the World Real Estate Investing SummitThere was one very common theme identified by the dozens of different countries that were present at the World Real Estate Investing Summit.

That one key theme was security.

The world is investing in the U.S. because US real estate is a highly secured investment. Here are some of the key real estate investment points that I got from the summit.

  • Home prices are very low and exchange rates are great 
  • Rental prices are high and rising 
  • U.S (America) is still the best place in the world to capitalize on good solid work ethics and fulfill your dreams. 
  • America is considered the best place in the world to bring your entrepreneurial ideas 
  • Laws protect your personal property in the U.S. are second to none
  • Leadership often changes, providing peace of mind toward checks and balances within the law making process 
  • High income into other countries and low process in America makes an obvious choice to secure their assets 
  • America makes it very easy to invest here
  • All you need is money, there are no laws prohibiting purchases of real estate 
  • People who do not live here wish to move here by the millions 
  • People who are born here want to stay here
  • The U.S. population grows at the rate of 1 (net) new person added to the population every 10 seconds -this creates a demand for future housing which leads to increased values

The list goes on and on. When you are standing thousands or tens of thousands of miles away looking at the big picture, Foreign investors are seeing massive opportunities, a safe haven for their money, innovation unsurpassed by anyone. This all leads to a great sense of security. Security is very desirable. The fact that U.S. property is not currently for sale but instead it is ON SALE makes perfect sense to the diligence that makes up the foreign investors. Stand back, like an overseas investor, and what do you see? Security.