Turn Your Adversities into Strengths and Thrive in Real Estate, Modeling Barbara Corcoran

Do I have any fellow Shark Tank Fans? Something I repeatedly see on the show is something that echoes statements I have read about one of the Sharks herself, Barbara Corcoran. I wanted to Turn Your Adversities into Strengths and Thrive in Real Estate, Modeling Barbara Corcoranshare this thought: On the show people are turning their adversities into their strengths, their reason for wanting to try harder than the average person to prove to themselves that they can do it. Adversities have created many successful people and businesses.

What is holding you back?

So what adversities are holding you back, what shortcomings are you using as an excuse for not trying or to convince yourself you cannot succeed? Sorry I call Bulls...t to those excuses. Picture those excuses in your mind and simply sidestep them and use them as fuel to succeed.

Barbara Corcoran the realty shark is fueled by her adversity

Barbara says she was the shortest person in her family and as a result she was driven to try harder than her siblings.

In fact Barbara says she is biased over poor people and feels they have a better chance at creating success for this very reason. They tend to have more to prove. They have not had as many privileges and therefore they want it more. They tend to have more bumpy roads and are more used to failure.

As any successful person will tell you, you have to first fail in order to succeed. As failure is the learning lessons that create the valuable lessons.

She even says that as her kids grew up with wealthy parents they tend to get coddled differently and that makes them a little softer in the belly.

Well for those of you who know Barbara's story, you know she took a $1,000 loan from her then boyfriend and built a real estate powerhouse in New York City. She owned 49% of this business with her then boyfriend and built a solid business. Years later the relationship falters and they split the company.

The last statement her boyfriend said to her was “You will never survive without me”

Bamm! That sparked a fire under her belly and fueled her into a massive success. She sidestepped that adversity and was surely not going to allow that to be true. She had more reason now than ever to succeed.

She goes on to build a 66 Million dollar business

A key lesson she learned in real estate was how to thrive during the bad times. She notes that when something is wrong in business there is huge opportunity if you have the foresight or desire (or perhaps need to see it).

Barbara went on to build her company into a dynamic business that she sold for $66 million dollars. Not a bad return off of a $1,000 loan.

So what inspires you or should I ask what adversities can inspire you?

I have had the privilege of watching hundreds of cases of these adversities create fuel for everyday people and turn them into success stories.

I have a client who was divorced a few years back. Her ex-husband made a similar comment that she would not survive without him. That is all the fuel she needed.

She is now a thriving Real Estate Broker who catapulted herself to the top of her market and is busy investing in a variety of real estate ventures. She is highly sought after by all her peers and in less than 2 years has commanded the attention of local, state and national real estate boards for her knowledge and expertise.

Sometimes are best gifts come in shi..ty wrapping paper

Many have done it and you can too. Turn everything into fuel. A good thing happening that is a no brainer, adversities better yet, it is all fuel. If you want to invest like the successful just think like the successful, use your adversities as fuel and reach for the stars.

Perhaps the next story will be your story!