Top Reasons to Buy Atlanta Investment Properties

The best locations will reap the best returns for the investor and minimizing risks, and we feel that one of your best locations right now are Atlanta Investment properties. As you know from past posts, the key to be today’s global investor is to recognize opportunity throughout the world and take action while minimizing risk. Location is the way to minimize the risk. Top Reasons to Buy Atlanta Investment PropertiesWidely considered as the business and travel center of the Southeast United States, Atlanta ranks as one of the most affordable housing markets in the country. Low housing prices and a robust rental market create an unusually profitable combination for cash flow investors. Parallel to all this is a very low acquisition cost compared to building cost which adds to the massive appeal for the capital growth investor. As inventory gets absorbed and builders resume building, the current price points will rapidly adjust to the price point of building cost. This always has and always will continue to be the case.

Seasoned investors understand this, which is what gives these investors a piece of mind knowing prices will eventually be going up. Adding to this, Atlanta is one of the fastest growing metropolitan centers in the country with a population of 5.5M; and is expected to double the national growth rate through 2020.

What the masses are saying about Atlanta:

  • Forbes Magazine ranked Atlanta as the #1 rental market
  • Forbes magazine ranks Atlanta the 4th most affordable US market
  • says Atlanta is 4th best city in the US to invest in

Interesting fundamentals when considering Atlanta Investment Properties:

  • 1.1 million people relocated to Atlanta from 2000-2008
  • Atlanta is the transportation hub of the Southeast
  • 3rd in job growth
  • 3rd for most Fortune 500 company headquarters
  • 2nd best American city to relocate to
  • 1st most affordable major US city for business
  • 6th best state for total tax burden
  • Business center for the Southeast, U.S.
  • Low Cost-of-Living (94% of Nat’l Avg)
  • Comfortable, year-round climate

Economic and Business: Location Drivers in Atlanta are:

  • Deep talent base
  • Sustained population growth
  • Center of the Southeast economy
  • Central location
  • Mild weather
  • “The Southeast is the fourth largest economy in the world, and Atlanta is
  • Atlanta projected to DOUBLE the U.S. population Growth rate from 2010 to 2020 (2010 - 2020 Population Projections by MSA)
  • Atlanta produces high cash flow
  • Atlanta has low property taxes
  • Atlanta has low insurance
  • Atlanta is a Pro-business state

All of this equates to the inevitable: Atlanta should be considered SMART INVESTING - find out more about Atlanta Investment Properties!