U.S. Real Estate Investing Continues to Attract Foreign Investors

U.S. Real Estate Investing Continues to Attract Foreign InvestorsFrom Australia to Brazil, China to France, Malaysia to the U.K. and many places in between, foreign investors love the benefits of investing in U.S. Property. There are as many reasons our foreign friends love to invest in the U.S. as there are countries participating in investing here.

Market drivers

A) Passive cash flow investment to aid in balancing out their investment portfolio

B) Strong Equity Growth Investment longing for the appreciation that can be obtained by investing in emerging markets

C) Second home investors (Lifestyle investors) looking to combine a leisurely lifestyle with the benefits of investments

D) Visa interests: EB-5 visas have gained great popularity

E) Diversify their investment portfolio

F) Our real estate prices compared to other countries

G) The transparency of our markets

H) The ease in doing business with the U.S.

I) Perhaps the number one market driver is that the U.S is considered to be one of the best safe havens for countries to invest in.

Buying investment property in the U.S requires personal diligence to insure you are investing in the best location within our country and evaluating the property itself for optimum performance but the entire process is summed up in these 7 simple steps to invest in the U.S.

The number one question I get

“What type of property should you invest in?” is the question I hear every day. Of course the common response is it depends on your personal investment interests and goals. The number one most highly sought after property in the country is the single family 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a garage. As this is the most highly sought after property, it goes without saying that this is also the most liquid of the investment class within real estate investments.

How to maximize your investment

Anyone who invests in property will tell you that you make your money going in. Having an exit strategy in place the day you buy the property allows you to forecast the long term return on investment. To this note, the most common exit strategy that I have witnessed is buying a 3/2/2 single family home in the sweet spot of the market.

Of course, as I say, there are numerous reasons people invest and not everyone fits into the categories mentioned here. The U.S. however has an investment for any investment style.

If you would like to learn what may be available for your investment style, we would be happy to strategize with you on what may appeal to you the most. Give us a call today! 941-718-7761

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