U.S. Real Estate Investing Has a Worldwide Draw

Coming from all ends of the globe our foreign friends are looking to invest in U.S. real estate. Many want to invest for long term and acquire multiple properties for the purpose of renting out. Others want to buy second homes and enjoy the many amenities a market has to offer. While some have visa interest in mind. International investment sales of U.S property to our foreign friends have indeed their own set of market drivers

• Our home values relative to the foreign comparable

• Potential vacation use

• A desire to diversify investments

• Rental opportunities

• A huge interest in placing assists with well-defined and secure property rights

• The security and safe haven U.S. investments provide

• Transparency of the market place

• The ease of doing business in the U.S.

The U.S. has a multiple Listing Service ( MLS) which is unique and unheard of in many countries. The MLS essentially allows a real estate professional to have access to every listing within the state they reside in or are licensed. This allows an individual to offer the ultimate service level to a foreign buyer by exposing every property that matches buyers criteria.

The only thing a foreign buyer needs to do is identify a real estate professional they are comfortable working with. The ease of working with one person is of very high demand.

Single Family homes: tend to be the largest draw for our foreign investors. For many of our foreign friends, they find the private space between the homes to be of large appeal.

Condominiums: tend to be the second position of interest. A condominium is a large building (much like an apartment building) in which you own your own living quarters (the common areas such as the lawn, the swimming pool, park area, etc is considered common areas and are taking care of by a homeowners association). These Condominiums (often called Condo’s) are of great appeal to the second home buyer because while they are not occupying the property these elements are all being taken care of for them.

Town Homes: the third choice for our foreign buyers is the Town home. These are extremely similar to the Condo. The primary difference is in a condo you own living quarters on one level. A town home may consist of living quarters that have 2 and perhaps 3 different levels.The top 3 destination markets are Florida followed by California and the Las Vegas Nevada Market

Whether your interest is in the U.S. for a single family home, a Condo or Town Home and regardless of which market you choose to invest in, the U.S definitely has a variety of investment options that appeal to the Global market.