UK Buyers Are Snapping Up USA Real Estate

Why are UK home buyers snapping up USA real estate? The UK Housing Market has remained strong, giving good value to buyers looking for growth. Diligent real estate investors may be identifying this window of opportunity closing soon however. The UK investor looking for cash flow has been forced to look elsewhere and many of them are looking across the pond to the USA real estate market.

UK Buyers Are Snapping Up USA Real EstateAs most of our foreign friends are finding, the US is positioned as the perfect storm for investors.

• Prices for US properties are considered cheap • Many areas are now under valued • Cash flow is very strong • The ability for growth looks amazingly powerful

This is evident in many of the MSA (Market Statistical Analysis area). With over 300 MSA areas in the US, a number of these markets are now proving favorable for job growth which of course is the key ingredient for growth in Real Estate Values

Our friends from the United Kingdom are finding great deals investing here in the United States.

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