What do the Forbes 400 wealthiest and real estate all have in common?

Forbes list of the wealthiest people in the US all have many things in common, starting with their real estate holdings and investment strategies! What do the Forbes 400 wealthiest and real estate all have in common?

  1. For starters many of them have made their fortune in real estate.
  2. Another large group of them have invested in real estate, not as their primary cash flow or wealth creation, but have added to their wealth though real estate investing.
  3. A number of them have created their wealth through all aspects of investing, such as the second man on the list (Warren Buffet).
  4. The most intriguing commonality to me, and should be to you as well, is they are all “Business owners”. Controlling their own destiny and getting there with a purposeful plan.

Forbes wealthiest 400 and real estateAs a Real Estate investor, you are a business owner. You own a real Estate investment operation. You should think BIG like these Forbes 400 winners have been thinking. These individuals are often the envy of many. Many fail to understand how one person can create such a fortune.

We know how they did it! They start with a Great Plan. Ask yourself, do you have a great real estate investment plan? Have you even put your simple real estate objectives on paper? In order to accomplish any goals or dreams you need to share your objectives with people who can help make that a reality.

What do I want to invest in and why? Where do I want to invest? How long will I hold the investment for? What is my exit strategy going to be? You can start to get some clarity here by putting some thoughts on paper. Here are some simple questions to ask yourself and start your real estate plan.

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Next thing to consider is these individuals do not actually make these great achievements solo. When you talk to people who have uncovered massive amounts of success, they all have a common response. They surround them selves with great people who all have their individual talents and together created a massive success. What these Forbes 400 have in common is, they were all the drivers of their company. They had help carrying out their plan, but they drove the ship with daily focus on the plan and hand chosen people help them execute those plans.

So ask yourself, are you going at your investment strategy alone, or did you surround yourself with a team of strategists who can help get your goals accomplished?

There are teams of seasoned real estate investors, like the Equity Builders Group, that can find you cash flow or capitol growth. Someone who can find you turn key properties that are assets truly performing and not just speculative income. Be purposeful. Get a plan and surround yourself with key people to get the Job done!