Why central Florida is the number one second home “lifestyle" investing destination

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When Americans think of investing in a second home the number one state that comes to mind is Florida. For our foreign friends Florida outranks its closest second home competitor (California) by two to one.

Florida, the world’s second home destination,

Florida lifestyle investing brings in the beaches and water amenities that no other states can compare to. In fact, Florida boasts 1,350 miles of shoreline and beaches.  Add to that the quiet relaxing lifestyle of gulf course living sought after by so many. My late father in law joked on his last visit that he had seen a gulf course every 3 and half miles. While that his observation more than fact, we do indeed have many courses to choose from.. Then consider the hundreds of attractions and list of to do’s that Florida has to offer and it is clear why Florida has little competition; it is like the other states are not even trying.

With the growing number of baby boomers in the U.S and the ever increasing numbers of foreigners looking for second homes Florida has proudly become the number 1 destination for the lifestyle investors,

Lifestyle Amenities

A new emergence of popularity is the mid-state gulf coast. Miami and Orlando have often made the international news, so people both foreign and domestic have heard about these locations. Lifestyle investors that are looking for lots of activities but want less crowded cities have quickly discovered Sarasota / Bradenton areas. In these gulf coast communities you will find activities, restaurants, museums, golf courses, (world class golf courses) and the best beaches Florida or the country has to offer.

Siesta key voted best U.S beach by Trip advisor has got the finest, whitest powdery sand around.  In fact the sand is comprised of 99% pure white quartz crystals). Then there is the world renowned Anna Maria Island considered a time capsule for simpler times. Anna Maria is known for its natural shoreline which is non commercialized coast line free of skyscraping condo buildings. These beaches are extremely popular as they have ample space to park, play and dine. These cities have amenities that you would find in a large metropolitan area with multiple millions in population, but these two counties combined house just over 400 thousand residences. With plenty of elbow room between neighbors and a plethora of activities the lifestyle investors love within the Gulf coast area.

Strong economies:

Lifestyle investors love the activities and lifestyle and as investors they want strong economically sound communities where they can have an expectation of home values increasing. This is another attribute that makes the Sarasota/ Bradenton area so popular.

Sarasota / Bradenton was ranked as number 6 in best performing cities by a study from Milken Institute.

Lakewood Ranch is the nation’s number 1 (non-age restricted) Master Planned community and comes in as number two when combining both age and non-age restricted communities.  No signs of slowing down for this Community positioned directly in the midst of the thriving cities and has become a world renowned community. Their philosophy is to create two jobs for every roof top. A philosophy which they are proud to have delivered.

New construction caters to lifestyle investors: Builders have embraced the demand for this quiet and relaxing lifestyle and are building resort style developments everywhere. These communities range from golf course to water front. Most all communities have miles of walking and nature trails. Club houses with many activities and gymnasiums. Many have restaurants and lounges.

If you are considering a second home, Florida real estate is an easy pick.

Most people use their second home as a family vacation home or as an investment home. A family vacation home purchased in sunny Florida might easily earn rental income when not occupied. Or the investment home purchased might be rented out as a continual form of extra income

Current trends show that thousands of people make the move to the sunny state of Florida each day. People moving to Florida are of every age and incomes so don’t let the stereotype of retirees only purchasing a second home in Florida fool you. Floridians enjoy a great, healthy and warm weather year around kind of lifestyle.

Buying a second home in Florida is affordable. There are homes in every price range. It should not be too difficult to find a second home in your price range. So, if you are considering a second home, you too may want to look into Florida.

Consider it an investment in your future happiness.

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