Why Do Real Estate Investors Like Memphis TN?

Why Do Investors Like Memphis?Why Do Real Estate Investors Like Memphis TN? We have done some great research to find the hottest real estate markets around the United States and one of our favorite areas is the Memphis TN Investment Property market. While there are many reasons to love Memphis for real estate investing, a couple of our favorites are the fact that it is a major hub for Fedex, the shipping giant. Also we like the fact that 48% of the city rents their residence. That number is HUGE when you consider that the national average is somewhere around 24%!

For overseas and home-grown investors, the opportunity for a great Cash Flow Real Estate Investment Market is truly stupendous in the Memphis TN area.

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Memphis Tennessee Great Investment Property Opportunities

  • Memphis TN holds the spot as the 18th largest city within in the U.S.
  • Has a population of 1.2M throughout the metro area
  • Memphis is recognized as a main U.S. distribution center, as it houses companies such as FedEx’s World Hub
  • Has the busiest cargo airport in the world
  • Is the 3rd biggest railroad hub (one that the world Famous investor Warren Buffet has recently invested in)
  • Headquarters for many Fortune 500 companies such as Autozone and International Paper
  • Memphis has a growing biomedical and medical presence

Moody’s Economy as well as US News & World Report chose Memphis as the #1 Best Place to Buy Real Estate in the country. The Reasons…

  • The overall cost of living runs 10% below the national average
  • 46% of the population rents (National average is 28%)
  • Memphis has no state income tax
  • #1 on home affordable housing for retires – CNN Money Magazine
  • Ranks in the Top 10 metro areas for starting or growing a business – Inc Magazine
  • Top Ten Cities to Invest in Real Estate – Business 2.0
  • High rental rates versus home prices
  • Low Property Taxes
  • And the #1 reason- HIGH CASHFLOW!!

Memphis is for the investor who is interested in Great Cash Flow - Cash flow is the new king of Memphis! If you would like to find out more about why Memphis TN investment property is such a find, give us a call today at 941-718-7761.