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Larry Arth, Managing Partner

Larry Arth, Managing Partner

Larry Arth — is an international recognized  broker, speaker and trainer, who understands we are now in a global economy. Larry bought his first real estate investment at age 15 with proceeds from mowing lawns. He now uses his 30+ years of passion in real estate to be the driving force behind his career and life choices. Assisting hundreds of people to realize their dreams of owning, and investing in real estate he is known for putting the "real" into real estate. Larry is smart, friendly and prone to creative outburst.

Karin Rosarne, Managing Partner

Karin Rosarne, Managing Partner

Karin Rosarne — is a successful broker, published education author, speaker and trainer. Karin first came to America from Sweden, when she was 18 years old and had $200 in her pocket. Two years later she bought her first home.  This begun her effectuation with real estate investments. Karin works in her local markets as a licensed broker while educating investors and real estate professionals on an international platform.



"I was shocked to find the vast differences between the two real estate markets when relocating from the cold of Minnesota to the sunshine state of Florida in 2003. In Minnesota, investment properties had a great ROI, while in Florida returns were almost non-existent and teetering on the edge of the looming crash.
Then shortly after the real estate bust swept across the world and investors found themselves scrambling to hold on to their properties.
My sudden aha was that investors everywhere were now experiencing what I personally had experienced when I moved across the country.  ROI’s are not always sustainable and therefore risky. 

As a result I spent the next 9 years researching emerging markets; geographical markets poised and positioned to provide longer more sustainable investments.
In today's global economy investors worldwide are seeking the best locations for sustainable investments.  I honed the skill of identifying the market triggers that make a market an investor advantaged market, and learned quickly that investors both domestically and internationally seek this information. As a result I had to do a brain dump onto paper, or at least the Internet, and began writing all my findings on this blog post
My blog soon caught the eye of many investment groups  from around the world, and within a few short months found myself sharing this information on stage to over a thousand investors in Australia, and then France, and Brazil.
Within a year I had tens of thousands of readers from almost a hundred different countries following the information, and today, this company consistently helps many, many investors from many around the globe, to find investment properties worth owning.  
With the new growth, and new opportunities presenting themselves to this organization and our clients, we are rising to the occasion and added an important business partner, Karin Rosarne.

Karin is a successful real estate broker with a unique skillset of digital communication and self directed IRA real estate acquisitions. 

There are literally billions of dollars owned by average people that are invested through IRA's (Individual retirement accounts). What makes this even more interesting is that the public is largely unfamiliar with the concept that their IRA's are not limited to holding stocks and bonds, but can be invested in a range of assets--including real estate.

As we pride ourselves in being cutting edge of information and pioneering real estate concepts for our clients, we are delighted to add this specialty to our plethora of education."



“I just wanted to let you know how much we (all of us at Hall Investment Group). Appreciate all of the support you have given us in the Clearwater/Tampa Area. Our ventures would be next to impossible to complete without your Assistance. You have spent endless full days with us, you have taken on the responsibility of managing our properties, you have arranged key meetings, and you have put us in touch with reliable business professionals, among many other things. But more importantly, all of you are great individuals. You have gone beyond any of our expectations and have made my job a lot easier. The three of you make a great team and we really look forward to expanding and growing our relationship with you. Thank you again. Now get back to work and let’s make some money!" --Hall Investment Group Miami

"Karin is exceptional. In a seller's market, she helped us find just the right property with her unflagging energy and positive attitude. She is always cheerful and makes you feel like you are the only clients in the world (even though we know she had plenty of others!). She is a delight to work with. Highly recommend!" — Pacot, Facebook

"My overall experiences in buying properties in US has been AWESOME ! I am indeed blessed to have known Larry of How To Buy USA Real Estate. Larry is a good mentor. He has provided good information and feedback pertaining my doubts and enquiries. His feedback has led me to make a wise decision in property investment. Through Larry’s contact I came to know Jay from TWH. I have invested in Notes with True Wholesale Houses. I am very happy with the efficient service. The interest payment has been prompt to credit into my US act. on the promised date. I would highly recommend Equity Builders Group to overseas investors who would like to explore to buy US properties or to invest in Notes. Thank you to Larry & Jay!"— Wei Lian Malaysia

"Karin is the best!  My wife and I have unique taste In houses, and in this truly insane Denver real estate market, she not only patiently went with us to house after house after house until we found the ones we wanted to make offers on, she did everything humanly possible to get us in, and offered relentless, sunny optimism even when things didn't go our way. Could not recommend Karin more highly! " — Shafer, Yelp

"Larry is so much more than a “realtor.” I’ve worked with Larry and his clients, and Larry provides his clients with all of the information necessary to make an information real estate related decision – whether to buy, sell, invest, get into or stay out of a particular market. Larry is always professional in his relationships and I very much enjoy working with him. " — Shawn Yesner, Attorney at Yesner & Boss, P.L

“Recently, I acquired my first rental property outside the area I live in New York. As a seasoned investor with over 22 houses, it was important to me to buy my next few houses in areas that provide predictable cash flow with upside potential. It is impossible to deny the opportunities in Atlanta and I was delighted to be referred to Jim and his team. What impressed me most was their attention to detail to my personal needs and goals. The property manager responded to every question I had in a timely manner and I can confidently recommend Your Atlanta team to anyone that wants that personal touch when it comes to investing in houses.” --Barbara, Investor, New York

"Every week this is my workaholic recess…Such a shame you’re a bit far, many thoughts and knowledge I would’ve loved sharing with you in person. I often (if not always) find your blog posts much better than most articles I read in the professional real estate press! Down-to-earth, simple & pragmatic." -- Arie, France

"I have a lot of respect for you and your professionalism. I believe you have all your clients’ best wishes at heart." --Wayne, Australia



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