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Real Estate Investment Portfolios Worth Owning


Choose from one of the three options that most resembles where you are at in your real estate business right now.

The all-in training

the novice

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Do you feel more comfortable having a guide and a sounding board on buying and selling decisions? Do you want to learn how to create short and long term investment plans, and how to run your real estate like a business owner? 

Then The Novice is a great place to start. 

A perfect Novice is usually new to real estate investing and owns 0-3 investment properties and hungry to learn what the pro's know. This is the foundation course for smart investors.

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INCLUDES these topics:

  • Master the 5 potential income streams of real estate
  • Identifying your investment niche
  • Introduction to Fix and Flips
  •  What to know about Buy and Holds
  • The art of wholesaling
  •  Knowing the pro-forma and how it can affect your bottom line

seasoned investor VIP

The savvy

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Is pro-forma your middle name? Do you already have a precise understanding of both passive and active investing?  Do you have an established real estate portfolio?

Then you, our friend, are a Savvy Investor.

The ideal Savvy Investor generally owns multiple properties, and looking for new innovative acquisitions and business dealings. This is a fast paced education space for the aspiring mogul.

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  • Master the fundamentals of emerging markets investing
  • Time and surf the wave of prosperity
  • Understanding Notes
  •  Investing in tax deeds
  • A guide to Investing in T.I.C.s and Syndications
  • Understanding alternative financing

ALternative Asset Custody and

Self Directed IRA'S

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Do you wish your IRA was a real estate powerhouse? This training will open your eyes to a different way of real estate investing and pension planning.

There are many different types of retirement accounts, Traditional, Roth IRAs, and 401K's are among the most common. A self-directed IRA allows you to invest in non-traditional, non-Wall Street assets, such as real estate.

After all, better than 90 percent of millionaires made their wealth in real estate.

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  • Understanding what a self directed retirement plan is and how it operates
  • What is a custodian and what do they do?
  • Acceptable and prohibited IRA investments
  • Strategic real estate concepts education
  • The how-to's of utilizing debt-leverage and non-recourse loans

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