In Relationship To Income, The US Has The Cheapest Real Estate In The World

Investors from all over the world are marching into the US to purchase real estate. They are looking for anything from In Relationship to Income the US has the Cheapest Real Estate in the Worlda single family home to use as a second home, a property to use as an income producing investment or perhaps a larger scale type of commercial investment property. The reasons are many, depending on which country people are coming here from; they all have their reasons for investing within the United States.

Top reasons foreign friends are investing in US property:

Prices: The price points are considered very low. In general terms you can purchase a home for about the equivalent of 3 years’ salary. Compared to many countries this is cheap. In contrast, homes are about 20 times median income in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, about 10 times median income in Vancouver, Canada and a whopping 35 times median income in Beijing, China

Ease of Purchase: The ease at which you can purchase property here. The rules are simple:

If you have money you can purchase property, period the end. In many countries they have qualifiers for a foreign national to make purchases.

Safety: US investments are considered a safe haven for their wealth. Owning a tangible asset outside their own country is appealing and the US offers great equity positioning to do so.

Currency exchange: currency rates differ by country and from day to day. Often the currency exchange rate provides for more investment bang for the dollar.

The US  is huge: where do you invest?

With 50 states and roughly 381 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) where does a person invest? This of course varies from buyer to buyer. It all depends on your goals and objectives. To totally zero-in on this requires proper diligence and proper understanding of the market place. You can gain great insights to this at the website and talk with a strategist there as they understand the different markets.

Lets take a look at some general buyers objectives:

Cash Flow Investor: when your number one objective is cash flow, there are markets poised and positioned to better serve long term needs of the cash flow investor. While there are markets everywhere that can fit this bill they tend to be in the Midwest regions with specific markets to serve the cash flow investor.

Equity Growth Investor: For the buyer looking to build equity over time, markets such as Atlanta Georgia, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Texas, Oklahoma City,Oklahoma, and Chicago Illinois and others can deliver the equity. Buying the correct price point within an equity market is key for optimum equity build up.

Lifestyle Investor: Hands down, Florida is the number one market when it comes to the lifestyle investor. Known as the "Sunshine State", Florida is surrounded with beaches on 3 sides of the state and known for the vast amount of golf courses, amusement parks. There truly is something for everyone in Florida. Additionally, Florida prices fall in direct synchronization with the country as a whole. You can purchase a property here for about 3 times an annual salary.

This is representative of the best prices in the world as it relates to income and the state delivers when it comes to entertainment and lifestyle choices. 24% of all foreign investments are made within this one state.

Many markets make the international news for various reasons. These markets tend to be top choices because they are markets that are recognizable however they may or may not be the best market for your investment criteria. We can help sort through all the markets and put you on a clear path toward accomplishing your objective.