Birmingham AL Makes A Great Emerging Market Investment

Birmingham AL Makes A Great Emerging Market InvestmentInvesting in emerging real estate markets is paramount to create long term sustainable returns. As markets rebound, you as an investor can ride their economic wave of prosperity. A city that is in the midst of a surge like this is found in the Southern state of Alabama and is being recognized by the media as a top hot spot to visit. This city is none other than Birmingham, AL.

The number one question all investors ask themselves before buying:

Where today, is the market best positioned to offer long term sustainable growth? As real estate is all about location, finding the best markets to invest in takes center stage. The U.S. recovery is well underway and in some cases already peaking out. The locations that are best suited for the buy and hold investors are those markets that most recently entered their recovery stage.

Welcome to Birmingham, AL

Birmingham has made investors sit up and take notice as it is perfectly positioned toward the early stages of its recovery. Needless to say, this is where real estate investors want to buy, at the beginning of the recovery. In addition to everything else, this fine city is undergoing a complete downtown renovation.

Many new additions to this city include such as things like a $54 million NCAA Sport complex, as well as, a $469 million dollar Minor League baseball team. This sets the stage for offering job growth and offspring businesses that support this industry.

While the country averages an unemployment rate of 5.6%, Birmingham enjoys an unemployment rate a full percentage point lower at only 4.6%.

The supporting businesses such as strip malls, restaurants and hotels have the media attention as well. Magazines like Zagat noted that Birmingham is one of the top ten food cities as a result of the addition of many of these fine restaurants.

Home to Regions Bank's home office, Birmingham is one of the largest banking industries in the country.

  • Home to some of the nation’s most prominent medical and healthcare facilities.
  • Some of the nation’s top medical schools are right here in Birmingham.
  • Active millennial draw (the nation’s largest population segment) as Birmingham is one of the top ten young professionals Hot spots.
  • With job growth comes income growth which is on a steady rise (creating more qualified renters for you, the investor)

Birmingham is nicely positioned to create sustainable investment returns.

The ability to buy turnkey Birmingham investment properties with prices conducive to deliver safe, strong and sustainable returns on properties that have property management in place is what investors are liking about Birmingham.

  • Based on national average, about 35% of the population rent, Birmingham has a 50% renter base. Add this to job growth and income growth and you are nicely positioned on the supply side of this demand (find a need, fulfill a need and profit).
  • High rent to low purchase price ratios with upside on both equate to sustainability with cash flow margins that are advantageous to you.
  • The ability to acquire freshly renovated single family homes in the sweet spot of owner occupied communities create a great exit strategy to sell to the retail buyer.
  • Full performing assets with tenants and property management in place day one.

Indeed Birmingham AL delivers on the key element of an emerging market with great upside potential!

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