Florida Real Estate Outlook is Positioning for Growth Spurt

The Florida real estate outlook shows a growth spurt. This is great news for the capital growth investor. According to a study conducted by Wells Fargo, Florida is poised with the ability to have a strong growth comeback. It appears that Florida has the competitive advantage with more high-growth industries than any other state.

Florida is Positioning for Growth SpurtJobs in the industries of health care, insurance, food and finance are among the best positioned in Florida. Over the past decade these sectors have out performed other industries in job growth. Interestingly, these represent white collar jobs that create higher incomes.

Florida has advantages with 22 of the 25 top industries. Georgia and North Carolina come in with 21 advantages over other states. Click here to see the full report.

The only element keeping Florida from entering the emerging market list is its high unemployment. This will ultimately improve, and will do so with a high diversification of employment, giving the location even stronger appeal. This in turn will help move Florida into an extremely competitive advantage for the investor looking for capitol growth.

With a strong capital growth market and built-in appeal -- beaches, amusement parks and sunshine -- Florida real estate will prove to be a big contender for investing.

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