Now is the Best Time for Cash Flow and Capital Growth on a Turnkey Investment Purchase

The best time for cash flow and capital growth on a turnkey investment purchase is right now. Here is why: Lack of liquidity has put massive strain on the housing market, so much that many markets have over corrected. The inability to get loans has brought prices down so low that the values are much less than the replacement cost of the building (making the land virtually free). Year to date, 35% of all homes have been purchased with cash (largely from our foreign friends) who understand that now is the cash flow mother of all opportunities.

Why and How, Now is the Best Time for Cash Flow and Capitol Growth on a Turn Key Investment PurchaseMany of these properties are bank owned properties and are being sold by the banks in bulk for pennies on the dollar. To gain access to these purchases, you have to be a proven player in the wholesale investment arena. It is these proven wholesalers that we like to associate with. These wholesale buyers are creating turnkey investment properties for the passive investor to reap rewards - and to a degree we have never seen before.

A wholesaler can actually purchase and rehab the property, then place a tenant in it, creating a proven, turnkey performing asset for less money than the retail buyer can purchase it for.

Here are two ways to acquire these cash flowing growth assets:

  • Buy one, deed and all (undervalued in the best possible market). The investment is already a performing asset with equity in place. A property management company will manage it for you so you have a passive investment talking care of it self. Your exit strategy can vary. Still,  have one in place before you buy.

Buy the “note” to one of these properties. With this strategy you do not hold the deed to the property but you are essentially the bank which owns the note to the property. With this strategy you are a 50% equity owner (owner of the equity). The plus to this style of investing is you have virtually no management headaches and no loss of monthly revenue. As the note holder, you receive monthly payments for the note (your cash flow).

Seasoned investors (many from oversees) are paying cash as they can not get financing. Notes offer a great alternative to having a great cash flow and growth investment which is secured by real estate (in one of the best real estate market opportunities of all time) while alleviating all the headaches that may be associated with managing and maintaining real estate.

We have unlocked the vault to the best real estate investments in the country. Contact Equity Builders Group right away to speak to a real estate strategist and see what may work best for you. Remember, the best time for cash flow and capital growth investment is right now!